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Motorcycles require careful work after a good ride in the sand. What if you could have the right tools and space, just right behind the track? And what if this complete set-up could move along with you from track to track? Expandable has a solution that is fit for purpose: the Expandable motocross trailer.

A motorsport team relies on many factors and all these factors can have an effect on the end result, everyone has a role to play and every piece of equipment is as important as the next. Should one piece fail then potentially all could fail, motor teams limit the risk of failure by using quality products. The Expandable motocross trailer is the best in class and combines transport, a comfortable workplace, and hospitality in one single solution.

Expandable’s motocross trailer has a proven track record in motorsport, being used as a support garage during rally cross stages and even the Dakar extreme desert race. It’s fair to say that it has been tested in the extreme.

The Expandable Trailer makes you forget you are in a mobile space.

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Motocross trailer for sale at Expandable

Our Expandable trailers can easily be transformed into motocross trailers. The Expandable Motocross trailers have the same loading capacity as conventional trailers (165m³) and have a flat walking surface of 65m². Enough space for one or more workstations, a kitchen, a bathroom, and even 8 beds.

Additionally, our motocross trailer can be set up in a couple of minutes by only one person and a few presses of a button. This allows for the easy installation of a motocross trailer at a location that is most convenient to you and your team.

Furthermore, our trailers are known for their:  

  • Sleek design
  • Easy and safe entrance
  • Compatibility with big- and conventional trucks
  • Low total costs of ownership

Get on track with Expandable

Is your motocross team looking for a cutting-edge motocross trailer? Choose Expandable. Next to purchasing, we also offer the possibility to rent our trailers for any period longer than 3 months.

All our Expandables are carefully crafted in the Netherlands, ensuring reliable and premium quality trailers. We offer extremely quick assembly times and an optimized production period of 2 months.

Are you interested or do you have any questions about our motocross trailer? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help.

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Motocross Trailer Dakar

Expandable container

Used for the Dakar